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An Indecent Proposition Part II - Stephanie Julian I enjoyed the first part of this story appearing in the A Very Naughty Xmas anthology, and I was glad to hear that there would be a continuation of this threesome.Part II picks up two weeks after the night Jules, Keegan and Erik spent together. There's confusion relating to how the trio originally got together and the fact that the guys have not called Jules. They want her, but she doesn't know that. She wants them, but thinks it was just a one-time thing. When Keegan shows up at an event where Jules is working, things get even more confused between them.I got to the last page of this novella much too soon, and it ends on quite a cliffie, so I'm eagerly awaiting Part III of this story. This story was a perfect size for a one-night read. I was intrigued also by what might be happening with Keegan and Erik's business and I hope we get more details about that in the future. Looking forward to seeing how this trio will resolve the confusion surrounding their relationship.So, overall, a good follow-up to the story, and I'm eagerly awaiting Part III.