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Touch Me - Olivia Cunning Touch Me is the latest in the Sole Regret series by Olivia Cunning. The series is made up of novella-sized stories, each taking place during a night with one or more members of the metal band Sole Regret. I happen to really like these bite-size stories, I think its a great format for when you want a quick, easy, and enjoyable read. In Touch Me, Owen meets Caitlyn, a newly divorced woman looking to break out of her post-marriage funk and have some fun. She's not looking for anything but a one-nighter, and neither is Owen, until they spend the night together and realize there is an attraction between them. I really liked both of these characters. Caitlyn goes along with Owen's invitations to hang out with the band, even though she doesn't even care for their music, and just as their once-night could be heading into the "let's try a relationship" zone, a blast from the past threatens to destroy everything with Lindsey from "Share Me" showing up to make things much more than just awkward. I have to say that Share Me was my least favorite story from from this series, so I hope that she doesn't hang around long.The dynamic between Owen and Kellen is also a very nice part of this story, and I'm really eager to find out more about the mysterious Kellen. I actually really like their friendship, and its going to be interesting to see how their sexual closeness will end up impacting that friendship. This installment ends on a very nice cliffhanger that I'm sure will have the fans of this series screaming for more. So as a novella, this worked for me. After Share Me, I was leery about returning to this series, but I was very happy to read that Olivia Cunning has returned to the formula she does so well, with a story about two people finding each other, rather than the bus gang bang from Share Me that held little emotional impact.So overall, an enjoyable short read, perfect for a one-nighter!