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Easy - Tammara Webber It took me a while to collect my thoughts about this book. There are so many things I loved about it. Easy is a lovely "falling in love" story, set against the backdrop of real life where bad things can happen to good people and they learn to deal with it. I picked this book up a few months ago because I loved the cover. It's a cover full of emotion, much like the book itself. The emotional quality of the writing in Easy really impressed me. It made me feel engaged with the story and the characters. I must admit I started this book and pretty much only put it down for essentials, it was that good.The story covers a wide range of topics and college experiences: break ups, boyfriends, casual sex, alcohol, acquaintance rape, bullying and even academics (woohoo!) I thought the characters acted like typical college age women and men, and it didn't surprise or bother me that Jacqueline did not report what happened to her at first. Under the circumstances, I doubt that most women would report it. But I did like that she eventually changes her position on that, and that she had a network of female friends that supported her, especially her roommate. It was refreshing to see such a supportive relationship between two women.And then there is Lucas. *swoon* Intelligent, hard working, and working through his own private hell. I didn't really see him as a "bad boy". His reactions throughout the story were honest and true to his character. I love that the characters communicated using email and texting, it made the story more realistic. I also very much appreciate the epilogue. Thank you, Ms. Webber for letting the readers know what happened to these two. I really loved this story. It dealt with some difficult issues without hitting you over the head with them. The central characters were extremely likable and interesting. The writing is excellent. I would recommend this book.