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Existence (Existence Trilogy, #1) - Abbi Glines Going to try to keep this spoiler free. Had a hard time rating this one. On the plus side, the book kept my interest until I finished. I got to a point I had to keep reading. There were a little twists at the end that made me glad I did. The premise is somewhat different and unique from what I have read in the paranormal genre. On the minus side, I wasn't too keen on either MC name, but I'm waiting to see if there is any significance to them, and the story did not grab me right away. The beginning felt like the same old High School stuff I've read before.But then things shifted in an interesting, otherworldly way and pulled me into the story.A few times I had to remind myself this is a paranormal. The depth of Pagan's feelings seemed a little way out at times, and I could see how that might bother some readers. But for me there was something deliciously dark and subtly creepy about this story and how it was written. I really liked. And there were other suspicious characters in the story too, making me want to keep reading to find out their story. I'm going to be interested in seeing whether this atmosphere will carry over into the second book and what this world will build into. So overall, an interesting first installment in this trilogy. I'm going to keep reading. And if you do read this, be sure to go to Abbi Glines blog and read the Dank POV for this book afterward.