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How to Misbehave - Ruthie Knox Amber has the hots for Tony and when they get thrown together in a dark basement during a tornado warning, well, you just know sparks are going to fly. But Amber is a bit shy, definitely inexperienced, and her past experiences were less than stellar. Tony has problems of his own, starting with a fear of the dark, a certainty that whatever he does will someday fall apart, and other lingering family history issues.You just know that misbehaving is going to turn into something more. There's enough playful banter leading to some heated moments that make this escalating relationship believable and fun. There was really nice build-up to the "big moment." I loved Amber's sense of humor as much as I loved Tony's honesty and I could have cheered for both of them when he guides her to her first big mOment! There were some great lines in this too. Amber really had the best lines, especially during sex ranging from the cute "Her orgasms were a shy species, afraid of men." to smexy, when she's describing Tony's in bed. "Like ...wanting, if it had a shape." Really enjoyed this.