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Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4) - Kristen Ashley Just read the first two books in the Chaos series and cycled back to read this one about Tyra and Tack. One thing I like about these three books is that we get to see quite a few changes in the characters over the course of the books as they deal with the various conflicts in their story arc. What I find annoying at times is that there is a lot of telling in these books. At times, everything is building to a particular moment and then there is a chapter break. Many times the next chapter starts with a scene that takes place later, and the character then tells the reader what happened through their inner monologue. It's a lot of telling. I didn't care for how the big climax of this book was presented either with multiple POV's from characters I really wasn't all that invested in. Maybe if I had read the first three books in the Dream Man series, that might have helped, but it was still annoying to have the focus taken away from Tack's reaction at that point. The scene where Tyra confronts Tabby's older boyfriend was really awesome, because we got to read that happening, not just hear her tell about it. As a reader, I want that, not the character telling me what went on. It was great to get more of the boys of Chaos, and I did enjoy that. I also liked how Tyra changed from the beginning of this book to where she was at the end. It was also great to see the beginning of Tabby and Shy's story. So if you have read the Chaos series, and haven't read this, you really need to. In spite of the problems I had with the telling and the multiple POVs, I still liked this story enough to inhale it in a day, which is why I'm rating it higher on the content, rather than the delivery.