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Beneath the Burn - Pam Godwin Beneath the Burn is a terrific erotic thriller with plenty of action, a chilling villain and an awesome tattoo. There’s great chemistry between Jay and Charlee and it didn't take many pages to care about what happened to them. This is a dark and sexy thriller with one of the most memorable opening sequences I have read in a long while. It’s gritty and graphic and made me immediately intrigued with the main characters.The secondary characters are great too. Nathan was just super, and I loved him and his dedication to Charlee. She probably wouldn’t have made it against the truly sadistic villain that is chasing her without him.I really liked Beneath the Burn. It’s got a great mix of action and introspection, very nice pacing, and characters that are interesting and original. Great job with the erotic content, too. It was creepy when it needed to be, sexy and romantic when it needed to be. That's not easy to do.Great cover too!