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Charade - Nyrae Dawn In spite of some editing issues (typos, bad grammar, missed words and an ending that went on too long), I did like Charade quite a bit. It held my interest. The situations that Cheyenne and Colton deal with are simple and ones that most young adults face at some point at that time in their life-- dealing with old relationships in the face of new ones, the death of a parent, dealing with more intense relationships and feelings, learning to take responsibility for your health. There weren't any big reveal moments or surprises with this. It was more about how these characters dealt with their situations. I loved Colton's awakening as he realizes his feelings toward Cheyenne, and vice versa. What starts off as a casual situation turns more serious and I thought the way it happened in the story rang true to me. There was definite heat between Colt and Cheyenne.The situation with Colton's mother was dealt with realism and sensitivity, and I appreciated that as well. So if you are looking for a NA romance that's more about the journey rather than didn't-see-that-coming moments and can overlook the editing errors, you might really like this. Looking forward to Facade, the second book in this series.