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Tell Me by Olivia Cunning

Tell Me (One Night with Sole Regret) - Olivia Cunning

Two very disappointed stars for this book. Maybe it was a case of mismatched expectation and reality. The first book in this series, Try Me, deals with these same two characters, Melanie and Gabe "Force" Banner. I was really looking forward to their "second date" but this book was just a train-wreck to me. I could understand Nikki's fascination with Jacob after the weekend she spent with him, and could even understand her wanting to accompany Melanie on her weekend with Gabe. But Melanie explicitly asks her not to come, which she ignores, then proceeds to get into situations that have potential for great harm not only to Nikki, but to her friends. That's not really friendship, is it?I liked that Melanie was concerned about her friend, but she was also an enabler. Nikki needs more help than Melanie can provide. I don't know, but the friendship between Mel and Nikki really bugged me. Nikki thought nothing of ruining the weekend of the one person who truly cares about her. And I just did not feel the spark between Gabe and Mel that burned so very bright in the first book. There was lots of talk in Try Me to get the reader pumped up for Mel's visit to Austin, and frankly it just sputtered out for me. I didn't feel the same connections between these two characters. The spark wasn't there. Their time out of bed fell flat for me, and even the erotic scenes were lacking. Where was the passion? Gabe seemed angry for a good portion of this story (not that I blame him after Nikke messes up the weekend.)I don't know if its the format or the content, but this book did not work for me, not in the way their first meeting in Try Me did at least.