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Mrs. Mike: The Story of Mary Katherine Flannigan - Benedict Freedman,  Nancy Freedman A recent discussion with some friends regarding early books we read had me pulling this from my library for a re-read. It was one of my favorites as a young girl, and I wanted to see if it held up over 40 years. I'm happy to say it did. I loved reading it as much now as I did when I was a very young girl. It is a story of love and adventure and adversity, and that stands the test of time. I've seen people comment negatively on the length of Kathy and Mike's courtship, which for 1907 was probably accurate, considering he was leaving for duty as a Mountie. The Indian history of the Pacific Northwest was always a favorite, and that still is an integral and interesting part of this book, and while some have complained that it lacks diversity, I would argue it's a nice slice of how far we have come with our acceptance and understanding of other cultures. There are scenes in this book that I will remember for all of my life. And I still cried at the end, tears of sadness and joy.