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Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #10) - J.R. Ward A solid 4 star rating. I found this book to be entertaining, emotional and sometimes infuriating. For me, the women were the shining stars of this book, with some fabulous moments from Xhex, Autumn/No'one and Layla. While this book was called Tohr's book, and it resolved Tohrment's grieving for Wellsie, it was the compassion and strength of Autumn that commanded my attention. Perhaps Tohr should have taken a lesson or two from JM and Qhuinn, who both proved to be males of worth with their actions in this installment of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I found the Xhex/JM storyline to be very well-done on both sides, and I hope they can maintain the progress made in this book. I really liked Xhex, who showed JM she deserved to be recognized as a warrior on her own merits. There were some cursory appearances by the first generation brothers, but Phury and Wrath were both awesome. It was so nice to hear and feel Wrath's commanding presence in this book, and Phury was chillingly tough in his protection of Layla. I know it isn't easy for JRW to include all of the first generation characters, so it was really nice to get solid performances from these two. And speaking of performances, Lassiter deserves recognition for providing comic relief and a good hard punch when it was needed. Overall, I liked the book, found the ending a bit flat although I liked the twist, and will definitely be looking forward to the next installment. JRW made me sit up and take notice of Qhuinn in this book, and I'd like to see what happens with the Qhuinn, Blay, Layla, Xcor sitch. That could get interesting!