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Delicious (Wicked Lovers, #3) - Shayla Black I really have mixed emotions about this series. There are plot holes all over the place, but yet you cannot put these books down. As other reviewers have mentioned, she does craft a more complex plot and sheds a lot of doubt on who is the "bad guy", so you feel compelled to read until the end. SB does know how to write sex without making it mechanical. These books in this series contain a generous heaping of it, too, and it doesn't overshadow the story. I do like that.As for Delicious, Luc was an idiot until the very end. Alyssa and Luc take a long time to get to their HEA, and its mostly his fault. Alyssa has her own secrets, but she manages to trust him enough to tell him what they are. I wish I could say the say for him. Overall, enjoyed the book. A perfect read for a hot summer day when you are looking for something to devour!