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Mine to Hold  - Shayla Black Another book in this series that I totally devoured. Del, an old "friend" of Tyler's tracks him down in LA and brings with her a rather significant surprise for Tyler. Add to this the fact she is being pursued by some really bad guys. Who better to help than Jack, Deke, Luc and their wives? Shayla Black does something in this book that I absolutely love to see in a series -- she includes the characters from the previous books to help Del with her dilemma. It's always awesome when an author remembers that the reader has invested in the series characters. It was truly heart-warming how everyone came to Del's aid, simply because of her connection to Tyler. I really loved that about this book.The rest was typical Shayla Black. Lots of action, loads of sex. My only complaint is that in this book, like the last three, situations at the end are painted with a heaping dose of angst and then wrapped up a little too quickly for my taste. I'd like to see those last heart-wrenching moments drawn out just a bit more.