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Tempt Me - Olivia Cunning Another amuse-bouche from Sole Regret series by Olivia Cunning. I really like the way this series is being delivered in these "one night" portions. This one packs a good dose of drama along with a heaping dose of smexin' and glimpses inside the dynamics of the band. Tempt Me is Adam's one-night with his girl in Dallas.Adam's backstory and ongoing situation make for a few tense moments with Madison, whose interest in Adam is both personal and professional. Both are on the edge of a decision as to where their relationship is going, and there are some angsty moments at the start as Madison comes to terms with what it means to be involved with a rock star.Some of the band antics are extreme, (really, who wants a boring rock band?) , and I like how their individual stories are being revealed slowly. And Ms. Cunning doesn't forget to give us a tidbit about Mel and Gabe from Try Me, and that gets some points from me.And of course, there's plenty of lovin going on, with a nice setup for a future story. Looking forward to more!