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Predestined (Existence Trilogy, #2) - Abbi Glines I feel very conflicted about this series. Love the premise, but it lacks execution. The first book had a creepy edge to it, at least when I read it, that this one doesn't seem to have. While the reveals about Leif and the reasons for Pagan's attraction to these supernatural beings were interesting, the writing fell short for me in spots. Usually a second book in a series is better as the writer really gets into the story. I didn't feel that or read an improvement from the first book. That was a disappointment. so I'm rating this one the same as the first in the series. Not bad, but this one doesn't quite reach its potential. The entire rock star storyline seems out of place to me, but I will say I like Dankmar as a name better than Dank.I'll read Ceaseless. Points to the author for making this is a three book series, instead of trying to string this out longer.