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Double Time (Sinners on Tour, #5) - Olivia Cunning There's alot to like about Double Time, the third installment of the Sinners on Tour series from Olivia Cunning. I have to admit that I fell for Trey Mills in Backstage Pass, the first book in the series, and I was very eager to see how his storyline would resolve.Double Time felt a little different than the previous Sinners books, in that there was less time on tour, and more page time getting into Trey's head as he worked through his feelings for bandmate and secret love interest, Brian Sinclair. The book starts with a momentous occasion for both of the Sinners guitarists, with a celebration for Brian, and Trey making a decision to swear off men forever in the hopes of simplifying his life, as he slowly begins to accept that his relationship with Brian will never be what he wants it to be.Enter Reagan, a new guitarist for Exodus End, who falls completely head over heels for Trey. He falls for her too, and attempts to live the kind of life he things he should. But eventually, he cannot deny his own sexuality, and things come to a breaking point when Reagan's roommate, Ethan, forces Trey to come to grips with his self-enforced swearing off of men.It all comes to a head in one of the most emotional and absolutely lovely scenes in the book. Trey explains his sexuality to Reagan in the most straightforward, honest and heart-wrenching scene in the book. Kudos to Olivia Cunning for the sexual honesty and emotional quality depicted here. Trey soon realizes that he has feelings for both Reagan and Ethan, and remainder of the book deals with them sorting out their three-way relationship, with the ghost of Brian Sinclair still looming in the background. Trey and Ethan burn up the pages with some of the hottest scenes in the book. I have to say I didn't see the same sexual spark between Trey and Reagan, but as a threesome they worked very well. *winks*.The situation between Trey and Brian does get resolved, another heart-breaking scene, and although Brian's behavior was disappointing and sad, I have to say I gained some respect for Myrna and her compassion for Trey and his feelings toward her husband. One of the things I love about this series is that it isn't just about a group of bandmates and their love interests, but about the deep friendships between these men. Double Time really shows that part of their relationship very well.Dare Mills stole quite a few scenes in the book, and I would love to read more about Exodus End in the future. Olivia, I hope you have that in the queue for us! Dare deserves his own HEA! I do wish the publisher had released this as the final book in the series While I loved hearing more about Trey and knowing he got his HEA, I would have liked to read the series as the author intended it. There are some small spoilers in this for the next two books in the series.Overall, a satisfying, emotionally packed story.