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A Very Naughty Xmas - Stephanie Julian, Olivia Cunning, Raven Morris, Cherrie Lynn, Cari Quinn This rating is based on all stories in this anthology. Light me Up by Cherrie Lynn>If I could, I would probably rate this five stars JUST because of my lust for the luscious men of Dermamania and the truly lovely (and smokin hot) Christmas story from Cherrie Lynn.Ok, I’ll admit I fell in love with Brian Ross back in Unleashed as Evan’s misunderstood younger brother, and Rock Me firmly cemented my feelings for Brian and Candace, so I knew that any story featuring them at the holidays would be a winner. Cherrie Lynn did not disappoint.Light Me Up is a sweet story that picks up on a theme started in Leave Me Breathless (released Nov 2012), regarding Brian’s and Candace’s long term plans with each other. And of course, it wouldn’t be the holidays without family interactions, and in this case it includes Candace’s uppity, meddling mother, a remote controlled toy and some smexy times in Candace’s childhood bedroom.In spite of the holiday hoopla, the jewel in this piece are the private moments between Brian and Candace.It was nice to see a more mature Candace, still madly in love with Brian. When she says, "You know my answer is yes. My answer is always yes to you." you just know she is still head over heals in love with him.And Brian? Well, Brian regained his place in my heart as #1 hottie in Dermamania (sorry Ghost) with this line-- “In fact, this is how I love you best, I think. PJs, hair up, no makeup... the way only I get to see you.”Light Me Up was exactly what I want in a holiday story--favorite characters in a sweet and sexy slice of holiday life. Very nice.I’d buy this anthology for this story alone.Share Me by Olivia CunningI love the guys from Sole Regret and I really like what Olivia Cunning is doing with her “One Night with Sole Regret” series, but Share Me falls a little bit short for me. What I enjoy most about Olivia Cunning’s stories and characters is the way she combines awesome emotional writing with a heaping dose of hot sex. In this story, there’s little emotional connection between the girls and the band, so if you are looking for sex without any messy entanglements, then you might like this one.I did like learning more about Owen and Kellen, and not just what they like in the bedroom.Owen was the only one to project anything remotely like holiday cheer in this story, and that was a saving grace. I absolutely loved what he did for all his band mates to help celebrate. I wish Santa had really had something in his sack for Kellen though--he could have used a visit from a Christmas angel, that was for sure.My main problem with Share Me is that I couldn’t connect with the two female groupies, Lindsey and Vanessa. Maybe it was that “crackin a moistie” line..,So overall, a very erotic story, but it lacked holiday cheer for me. Jingle Ball - Cari Quinn This office romance puts a bit of a twist on the boss-secretary relationship as what gets started as a menage turns into a happy ending for two of them. Okay, Des’s arguments for why he holds back on his feelings for Wendy seem a little strange, considering the two partners are fairly permissive about what goes on the workplace, but it’s easy to overlook. Instead, I found myself rooting for Des to get his head out, and for Wendy to get what she wanted for Christmas. This holiday story had lots of steamy sex and an HEA wrapped up in a bow.Christmas is Coming by Raven MorrisAn erotic story featuring a happily married polyamorous couple, Jack and Debra, and the gifts they give each other for the holiday season. There’s lots of hot, hot sex in this one, starting on the very first page. Kudos for creative gift giving and toy-sharing!An Indecent Proposition - Stephanie JulianAfter Erik is damaged physically in an accident, his sexual escapades with his best friend and business partner Keegan come to a halt, until a lovely young lady catches Erik’s eye at a party and Keegan seeks to help his friend overcome the emotional scars of his accident with an indecent proposal. But Julianne catches on quickly, and does much more than just help Erik get sexual release. I liked this story, even though the holiday theme was sparse. There was plenty of emotion and hot sex, and when I got to the end, I wanted to know where this threesome might be going next.So overall, a 4 out of 5 rating.