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Addicted - Charlotte Stein Classic tale of unfulfilled woman meets the man who unlocks her repressed desires. This is done in a very creative way when Dillon steals her manuscript and sets out to reenact some of the scenes with Kit.Kit is an eager student, basking in the glow of new found sexuality, yet, she wants more of a connection with Dillon than just sex. When she finally starts figuring out what makes Dillon tick, she realizes that he has been hiding from her and she sets out to find out more about him. Kit wants more than just sex. She wants talk, and she has to convince Dillon to trust himself and her, while running the risk of losing him.I found the story to be told in a very fresh way. Charlotte Stein has a very unique voice to her writing. It’s so intimate that you really feel close to the main character. All of Kit’s feelings and fears are front and center. It isn’t always comfortable, but its always interesting. I found the last few chapters to be unsettling and riveting at the same time, as Kit tries to get Dillon to open up.Kit grows quite a bit through her experiences with Dillon. I loved this quote from the morning after Kit thinks she's learned something of Dillon's secret. "I’m no longer Kit Connor, cautious librarian. I’m Kit Connor, destroyer of worlds. "It’s a good thing she has confidence too, because she ends up needing it when Dillon finally trusts her. Or does he? Does he really tell her the truth and does it really matter?Charlotte Stein knows how to write erotica. Her scenes are the perfect blend of sexy and smart with a bit of dark and dirty. The scene in the library and the scene in the church are both scorching hot, and there’s no doubt of the sexual chemistry between Kit and Dillon.Overall, Addicted was a very satisfying erotic romance. I like Charlotte Stein’s intimate, unique voice and would absolutely read other titles from her.