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Light and Shade: Conversations with Jimmy Page - Brad Tolinski I have mixed emotions about this book. The author’s hero-worship, fanboy leading questions turned me off in most places, it was more technical than I expected, but yet I think I came away with a greater appreciation of Led Zeppelin’s music, and for Jimmy Page’s prowess as a musician artist and producer.For me, the highlights were the direct quotes and interviews, particularly during the interviews from the earliest days and the post-Zeppelin days. There wasn’t really anything new in this book, though, or anything that surprised me. From that perspective, it was a little flat. That being said, I finished the book. I was more of a fan of The Firm than Led Zeppelin, but it was interesting to return to that time having been a teen during Led Zeppelin’s heyday. I don’t think I will listen to their songs in quite the same way after reading this book, and I mean that in a very good way. I do wish the author had toned down his obvious adulation for his subject when writing the book. I thought it took away from the factual content, which was obviously very well researched. Some of the information at the end, such as the fashion piece and the astrology piece, while moderately interesting, seemed to be filler material, but the pictures included between chapters made up for that, I think.Overall, glad I read this.