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Curve Ball - Charlotte Stein This is a cute little story about the baby sister and the older brothers best friend, and how they finally manage to get together. When Judy's older brother invites her on his boat on the Med, along comes Steven, her brother's best man and friend. Judy's had feeling for him, and well, you know the story.I love sarcastic, witty humor and Curve Ball has it. It's what makes this story sweet and at times incredibly funny. (I say at times, cause the sex is hot, not funny!) Here's a sample..."He probably felt my love handles and suddenly remembered he's allergic to fat. In a second he'll start sneezing, and swelling up, and when the ambulance men sadly stretcher him away he'll say the words every girl dreads: 'How come you murdered me with your flab?'"If I'm expecting a surprise birthday party, I'll come home to find the dog has pooped on the carpet.""I've spend the last ten years pining for you like an idiot, you idiot."I usually expect a little "dark" from Charlotte Stein, but Curve Ball was very sweet and funny and just as enjoyable. Perfect when you are looking for a quick read.