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Just What She Wants - Barbara Elsborg How could you not love a story with a heroine with the name of Indiana Jones? Indie is manipulated into a vacation at a Florida resort, far from home and her memories of a painful Christmas past. She's immediately drawn to the managers of the resort, and once she realizes what sort of place her friend has sent her to, she decides that she might as well "go for it" with her attractive hosts.What she doesn't realize is that a devastating accident has scarred both men, and she's about to tap into her skills to help them heal. Barbara Elsborg knows how to write a menage story that has the right amount of heat and even more importantly, love. It's what I absolutely adore about her menage stories. I can feel the love here between the two men, and when they open their lives and hearts to Indie, you can't help but swoon just a little bit. A sweet, short read that you can devour in a hour or two.