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Yours to Keep - Shannon Stacey Just when I think I couldn't love another Kowalski couple like the last one, along comes Sean Kowalski and Emma Shaw. Sean had me early in the book when he describes himself like this: "I'm a guy. I like guy stuff. Steak. Football. Beer. Women."Turns out that Sean is a bit more than just a guy. He decides to help out Lisa's friend Emma Shaw, who has been pretending to be his fiance to her grandmother.How the Kowalskis handle knowing about this pretend relationship was such a cute part of this book. The scenes with the extended family are really the best part of this series. Emma is likeable for the most part, and she was a perfect fit for the down-to-earth Kowalski family. The ending had me choked up, but I liked that in a story, especially when I know there will be a sweet happily-ever-after in the coming pages. I love it when series incorporate all the characters from the series in each book. You get a good bit of the entire Kowalski family in this Yours to Keep, along with learning more about Sean's side of the family. Mary and Leo Kowalski have some truly lovely scenes in this story as they love and support their nephew Sean. Sometimes its the smallest scenes in this series that get to me, and in this one, I just loved when Leo talked to Sean about his military service and how he felt since his discharge. Very touching. Another solid book in this series.