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All He Ever Needed - Shannon Stacey I've been devouring this Kowalksi Family series over the last week, and I'm still not bored, and that's a very good thing when reading. I don't know what it is about this family or Shannon Stacey's writing, but I just find myself getting sucked into the simplest stories with these very adorable characters. Mitch's story is no exception. When Mitch comes home to help out with the family business, he's not planning on staying, having gotten out of the small town life when he could. What he doesn't know, is that his youngest brother Josh,has been suffering with the burden of taking care of a resort that is past its prime in a poor economy. Things are tough all over. The only saving grace is the new owner of the town diner, Paige Sullivan. She's putting down roots and lives with the motto that men are a luxurey while he's a traveling playboy that hasn't had time for anything permanent with a woman. But as he breaks down her defenses, she shows him what he's been missing in his life. There are two nice side stories here. Mitch's best friend is going through a divorce, and the future of the North Star Lodge is in jeopardy when the youngest Kowalski is no longer interested in being tied down to small town life. There's plenty of tension.I just love how Shannon Stacey takes some everyday situations... work, life, men, small town attitudes and gossip and turns them into a lovely happy ever after. There were a couple of ways this story could have been resolved, and it ended on a very believable way. It didn't feel contrived, and I appreciated that.So, another solid offering. Love the Kowalski boys. Looking forward to reading about Ryan and Josh in the next two books.