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Pure (Covenant, #2) - Jennifer L. Armentrout Another 3.5 for me, but I'm rounding up. There's more world building in this second book of the series, and sometimes this does slow the pacing a bit creating a bit of uneveness between the dialogue and the action scenes. The second half of the book was chock-full of action and did a great job of building the tension between Alex, Aiden and Seth. I wish Alex would learn to use more of the resources at disposal as people are dying all around her, but I also like that you can see where she needs to grow and change if she is to survive all of this. But in spite of her need to mature somewhat, I still love her kick-ass attitude. There are some heart-breaking moments with Aiden, too. As usual, Jennifer L. Armentrout rips those emotions right out of you as you read the pages. I like that I'm not sure who is a good guy or bad guy just yet.Pure ends with an amazing action scene that just knocked my socks off, really making me want to dig into Deity, ASAP.