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Until I Break - M. Leighton There’s plenty of sexual tension in this erotic romance from M. Leighton.Until I Break is an interesting psychological romp that leads to some steamy moments and the possibility of healing from past sins and childhood trauma.It’s clear from the get-go that Samantha / Laura has some serious baggage from her childhood. She’s so broken that she hides behind another identity for her writing career. When a man who reminds her of her leading man arrives at one of her book signings, she is immediately drawn to him. Things get even more complicated when she meets this same man as Samantha, and that’s not the last surprise in store for her when it comes to Alec Brand.Alec is damaged too, although the nature and severity of his issues isn’t clear from the start. He’s got a whole arsenal of defense mechanism at his disposal, but he can’t hide his problems from Samantha for long.The first person point of view from both Alec and Samantha, and the present-tense of both of these characters really stood out for me. It made for a very intimate view of these characters and contributed nicely to the pace of the story, particularly in the first half.If you are looking for a dark, intimate erotic romance, this might be the title for you.