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All In (The Blackstone Affair, #2) - Raine Miller I liked that this book was from Ethan's point of view. We really get deep inside his psyche, which I have to say, seemed a little off the deep end at times. His obsession with Brynne and his need to possess her totally went a little far at times, and I wondered if this was going to turn into a different kind of story. (Think Fatal Attraction). BUT..as I learned more about Ethan's war experiences, it became clear that his emotional scars are just as serious as Brynne's. I liked the thought they could help each other.The book picks up were the first one left off, with Brynne and Ethan apart. I have to say, I did like seeing the breakup from the male point of view. One of my favorite scenes was Ethan talking to his Dad about his heartbreak. Nicely done, and believable. I really like the suspense plot in this, and look forward to more of that in the next book. The writing still seems just average to me, and in need of another round of polish, but that might just be me. It was still an engaging read that made me want to start up the next book in the series right away.So overall, a quick read that may leave you wanting more.