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Twice Tempted (Night Prince, #2) - Jeaniene Frost As with all of Jeaniene Frost’s titles, I fell into Twice Tempted and I didn’t surface until I turned the last page. I love this world and the characters she has created.Vlad and Leila hit a rocky patch in their relationship, and there are betrayals among Vlad’s people, in spite of his reputation. That was the first surprise in Twice Tempted. Interesting to think that Vlad might not be as feared as we are all made to believe. Ms. Frost peels away another layer of this complex character in Twice Tempted, giving us a glimpse of Vlad’s vulnerabilities without him losing a single ounce of his kick-ass persona..Most of the book is spent trying to figure out who is trying to kill Leila, and for the most part I found this storyline a bit predictable. It was Vlad and Leila’s negotiation of their relationship that was much more intriguing, as Leila pushed Vlad’s boundaries.Leila won me over in this book with the way she understands Vlad and how his brutal human life shaped him. She gets that dark side of him. And kudos to Jeaniene Frost for portraying the human side of Vlad Tepes in her vampire Vlad. The historical tidbits in this series have been just lovely for this reader. What I missed in this book is Vlad’s sometimes-sarcastic, stick-it-to-you banter. There aren’t any biting jabs at Bones or playful interactions with Cat. There is very little humor in this book to release the tension. Maybe that was the author’s intent, but I still missed that side of Vlad. Jeaniene Frost has created many interesting and loved characters in the Night Huntress World. I did wish she had given her die-hard fans a little more of them in this book. I understand this is a separate series, but I think the original characters deserved a few more lines of dialogue than they got in this book, and it would have helped to bring a little light into this very dark story.