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Bachelor's Special (Entangled Indulgence) - Christine Warner 3.5 starsBachelor’s Special is a slightly uneven, but nonetheless entertaining story of the attraction between Jill Adgate, chef and possible catering service owner and Chet Castle, a businessman with trust issues. After an explosive first kiss before they even really know each other, Chet and Jill end up in close proximity when Chet hires Jill as a live-in chef. He denies his feelings for her. Living together pushes these feelings to the surface, and well, sparks and accusations fly fast and furious as these two figure out just what they want out of a relationship.I did like the cooking theme, and one of my favorite scenes is Jill teaching Chet to cook. There were a few scenes that didn’t quite get there for me, though, making the story slightly uneven in presentation.This was a quick, pleasant and a bit predictable read. There are some nice steamy moments. It's perfect for when you are looking for something light and easy to read.