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Making It Last - Ruthie Knox Making It Last is a lovely story about life and living it, about marriage and how the "worse" in "for better or worse" is sometimes hard to define, and even harder to face. And its about how love can get you through those times.Amber is in a bad place mentally. Her children are growing up, her husband is buried in work stuff and she's all alone to deal with her life. And try as she might to fix whatever is wrong, she just struggles with it. I felt her pain in this story. It was real and intense and familiar. I'll warn you now, if you are an emotional reader, you will need tissues for this. Tony is swamped with work worries, money worries and family worries. He too, carries the weight of his life and everything going on around him. He's a good man, but that isn't enough. My heart broke a little for Tony because he's just as scared as Amber about where life was leading them.This is a story about how love deepens and grows in the long haul. It's every bit as romantic as a "falling-in-love" story. I'd call this a power of love story, and Ruthie Knox doesn't take any short cuts or use any miraculous events to make everything magically fall into place. It is through the simplicity and strength of love that this story ends on a hopeful note, much like it does in real life, and that it what I loved most about Making it Last. Thanks Ruthie Knox for taking a chance with this. I think you nailed it.I'd recommend this and the entire series. ARC courtesy of Random House/Loveswept and Netgalley