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Tie Me (One Night with Sole Regret, #5) - Olivia Cunning Ok. I liked this one. I've been intrigued with Kellen since Share Me. There's a lot of emotion here and I think Olivia Cunning does a good job focusing on Kellen's heartache (which seems a bit drawn out, but eh), instead of the sex and by doing so,creates a lovely story about Kellen's first steps in rebuilding his life. It makes the sex fresh and something more than just a "insert tab a into slot b" physical act, which it was getting to be with the last two books. Sometimes the "insta-love" thing doesn't work for me in this series, but in this case, it isn't insta-love, but something else and it worked. I liked Dawn's character. She was smart and accomplished and there was good chemistry on the page between her and Kellen. I also liked how Kellen's bandmates understand his frame of mind and help him when they can without pushing too hard. (except for Owen, he's a little bit pushy..) But please, can this pregnancy storyline be wrapped up? So this is one of the better offerings in this series. My only complaint is that the ending was a bit too abrupt. I needed a little more at the end to leave me with that "wanting more" feeling.