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Fire Inside (Chaos, #2) - Kristen Ashley Oh my, let me start out first by saying that I love the world Kristen Ashley has created with the Chaos Motorcycle Club. This was the first book I read in from Kristen Ashley, and I loved it. I immediately Own the Wind, the first book in the series, and then to Motorcycle Man to read Tack and Tyra's story. Yeah, I've been stuck in this world for a little while and I've enjoyed every minute of it.Lanie and Hop's story runs almost parallel with Shy and Tabby's story from Own the Wind, so there are some scenes where you get some alternative POV's for a scene from the first book. I liked that. But back to Hop and Lanie.Lanie is mostly a mess, having not moved on from her experiences with her former, now dead, fiance. She also carries a metric ton of guilt for what happened to her best friend Tyra in the process. She also has some pretty big baggage from her childhood she carries around too. When she finally decides to move on, she chooses to do it with Hopper Kincaid, one of the Chaos brothers. He's hot, she wants him, and its supposed to be just for a night. Yeah, right. Hop goes along with it, and it's not just one night for him. He gradually wears Lanie down, and they attempt to make a go of a relationship, mostly at Hop's insistence. He's gone for her and she's gone for him, she just doesn't want to accept that and looks for ways to sabotage their relationship.Hop does many sweet things for Lanie in Fire Inside. I loved that this story is about two people that have some mileage on them in the relationship department. It's not first love for either of them, and they have to deal with that too. One of my favorite parts of the story happens when Hop does something really sweet for Lanie, and it involves his kids, so you get to see their importance in his life.It was great to see Hop's reaction to what was happening with Shy and Tabby situation too.There are some issues with alternating first person and third person point of views. I'm not sure why we don't get first person point of views from the men in these books. The third person pov keeps us from getting close to the men of these books.I am really looking forward to where this story goes to next, as the book leaves the reader with the potential for some serious stuff going down with the bad-guy, Benito. There's so much potential there, and I hope Kristen Ashley gives it all to her readers in the upcoming books in the series.Thank you NetGalley and Forever Publishing for this advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.