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A Million Dirty Secrets: Million Dollar Duet - C. L. Parker I should have known when I read “for fans of 50 Shades of Grey” that this would be the usual formula of rich, hot, billionaire with virginal heroine just waiting to be sexually awakened. There’s no real new material here as far as story goes. Delaine has a sick mom, an unemployed dad and a heart of gold. She decides to sell her virginity and two years of her life to the highest bidder. Enter Noah, the billionaire. After scene after scene of sex featuring his colossal manhood and Delaine’s mind-of-its-own coochie, they fall in love. That’s about it. Oh, and there’s a interfering, big-mouthed, well-meaning employee that stirs the pot every once in a while.My biggest complaint about this story is that there was very little story. Lots and lots and lots of sex though, and sometimes it just seems physiologically impossible. There’s too much gushing on both sides and Noah might want to see a doctor to have that constantly hard monster of his checked out. I would have loved some tightening of the amount of sex in this, and more character development. Would have been nicer if they had fallen in love more gradually, instead of two week insta-love based solely on sex. I’m even wondering what this story would have been like had the other high bidder been the winner. Now that story might have been interesting. Noah seemed to have too many assets to make his purchase of a woman for two million dollars believable.So overall, if you are looking for an easy read, and something steamy with a copious dose of body fluids, this might be the read for you.