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The Story Guy - Mary Ann Rivers The Story Guy is a sweet little story of taking chances and not giving up even when life has put some really serious stumbling blocks in the way.Carrie is a librarian. She's not unhappy, but there's something missing. She browses the online dating ads, mostly for fun, but when one catches her eye she goes for it. The ad has all kinds of potential disaster written all over it. What sort of person is willing to settle for just kissing at noon in the park? Is he a story guy, like Carrie's friend Justin suggests?When she meets Brian at the park she finds out he's great at kissing, and eventually discovers why he is unable to give more than that. One of the charms of this story is that the reader doesn't get all the answers right away, so I'm trying to keep this review spoiler free. I liked the chemistry between Carrie and Brian, and for a good part of the book I read and held my breath hoping that all that potential disaster didn't turn into a real heartbreak for Carrie. It would have been easy to tell this story without ever revealing Brian's circumstances, but the author doesn't disappoint and the reasons for Brian's unique ad are revealed. It would be easy to look at Brian as a martyr, but I didn't see him that way. It is the gradual unveiling of his circumstances, Carrie's reaction to them, and Brian's response that had me liking this story. I will admit that this novella didn't grab me in the first few pages, mostly because of the present tense writing. But when it did I became fully invested, turning the pages hoping that all was going to end with a smile on my face. It's a sweet little love story. I would have liked to know Carrie and Brian a little better, so the story could have been longer, but really, that's my only wish for this. This is a terrific little read guaranteed to make you feel. I will definitely look forward to reading other stories from this author. Thank you Netgalley and Loveswept for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.