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Thrown by a Curve (Play by Play, #5) - Jaci Burton In spite of the formulaic plot of the books in the Play by Play series, I'm still rating Thrown by a Curve four stars. Although there are no surprises, this is a fun series and I loved the main characters in this book. Alicia is a professional, dedicated to her job. She's a straight shooter and believes in what she does. Garrett is also dedicated to his career. I also found him to be direct and honest with Alicia both professionally and personally, sometimes with a little coaxing. It doesn't take long for Garrett to lust after Alicia and vice-versa. I really loved how Alicia's narration regarding her sexual attraction to Garrett. It was fresh and honest and at times very cute and funny. I did like that the story conflicts were between Alicia and Garrett and didn't rely on old girlfriends or manufactured conflicts. Jaci Burton does a good job of showing the conflicts in everyday life that can turn into something major.So overall,I liked this. It was sweet and fun to read. I got what I expected from this series. Alicia and Garrett have some real heat and made this book for me.