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Run To You - Charlotte Stein I just loved this book. I found it captivating and could not put it down until I hit the last page. I like Charlotte Stein’s heroines, maybe because I can see a bit of myself or my friends in them, but mostly I like that she takes the reader deep into their thoughts and feelings. Run to You is told in first person, present tense from Alissa’s view point. She’s an ordinary girl, with a boring job, a boring life and not much to look forward to. She takes a chance and decides to check out a mysterious appointment in her friend’s calendar, where she bumps into the enigmatic and rich Hungarian, Janos Kovacs. More about Janos later. .Alissa’s commentary about the world around her and how she feels was very engaging to me. Her inner thoughts were often lyrical. I loved how she phrased her observations and I had loads of quotes highlighted that struck a chord with me. It was hard to choose, but these were some of my favorites.“It’s bad enough that I’m surrounded by all of this opulence. I don’t want to smear my poverty and inelegance all over it.”“I’ve somehow slipped into Bluebeard’s cupboard without knowing it, and now I’m dancing amidst the dead girls.”“Or maybe I’m just really easy to read. I’m a neglected book that’s been left somewhere damp, swollen to twice its size and suddenly filled with enormous words. Most of them probably ask for help. Some might mention loneliness.”“I want to go too far. I’m tired of living in the land of not far enough. Janos is rich and sexy, exactly the opposite of how Alissa’s sees herself. Yet, there is a charm to him, as he peels back her layers, and gets her to open up to even deeper thoughts and feelings. And then Alissa turns the spotlight on Janos and does the same to him. It’s really quite lovely, how they fall in love. And still Alissa doesn’t believe, can’t hope for what is happening to them. So she does what she has always done, and she runs. We don’t really get to see much of Alissa’s life beyond her interactions with Janos until the very end, when her friend Lucy has a very frank discussion with Alissa. I liked that Charlotte Stein brought Lucy back at the end. It was nice closure and set up for the wonderful ending. I really liked Janos Kovacs. Yes, he’s rich, manly, gorgeous, but he wasn’t like so many of the other billionaire heros I’ve read lately. He is able to bring something out of Alissa, and out of himself because of her. He also has some awesome lines, and I think I fell a little in love with him myself when he says to Alissa, “If it’s so easy -- if it only takes a day, a moment, a new dress and some shoes and a hairstyle that didn’t suit you -- to transform someone into something that fits into my world, why on earth would it matter to me at all?”Overall, I thought this was a sweet story that I couldn’t put down. It is appropriate that through most of the book there are really only two voices in this, Alissa and Janos. The sex is scorching hot too, with light BDSM elements. The book left me with a good feeling, so if you are in the mood for a love story, and like to get deep into the characters thoughts and feelings, this might be a good choice. Run to You is probably my favorite Charlotte Stein title (so far) .