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Wicked Beat (Sinners on Tour, #4) - Olivia Cunning ok, really, this one was a 2.5 for me, but I'm rounding up to a 3 because I still love this series, although I thought this particular book had many problems. Let's start with lack of plot. Not much happens in this book. Eric meets someone and they have sex. A lot of sex. pages and pages of it. too many pages of it, if that's possible. There are a few key scenes that are full of emotion and conflict and what I come to expect from an Olivia Cunning book, but then they just turn into yet another sex scene. Lots of wasted opportunities to have a real plot. There was not enough conflict in this, and when it did appear, it seemed contrived from characters that were acting very much out of character. Rebekah... at times I liked her, and other times, like when she's acting like an incredible slut, I didn't like her all that much. I got that she was trying to live life to the fullest, but it came across as slutty, not sexy. One minute she into Trey and then next Eric? And in a position for a three way minutes after meeting these guys? It just felt wrong. At there were spots in this book I thought, "who are these guys?" For the second time in this series, OC has written a character that I've loved in the past book, and made me not like them. Trey's behavior in this seemed very out of character to me. I've always seen him as more of a seducer, and I didn't feel he was portrayed that way in Wicked Beat. But there were a few bright moments, and glad that Eric got a Happily Ever After. Overall, too much sex used to mask lack of plot, mixed with odd characterizations. Not one of my favorites in this series.