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Beyond Pain (Beyond, #3) - Kit Rocha I love this series. It’s got really incredible characters, action-based plotlines, an interesting world and last but not least, some of the hottest, dirtiest, and creative erotic scenes I’ve read. Really, my review could consist of three words… Go READ this! Beyond Pain is about Bren, an O’Kane with a reputation for not only kicking ass in the cage, but for servicing the women afterward. He’s got some pretty serious baggage. Good thing he has his O’Kane family to watch over him.Six is still trying to put her life together after years of abuse at the hand of Wilson Trent. She’s not sure about trusting anyone, even the O’Kane gang that has taken her in, but she is willing to help Dallas as he moves into Sector Three and she’s developed feelings for Bren that she is struggling to understand. I thought Beyond Pain to be a bit more visceral than Beyond Control, and I liked that. As a reader I liked the intimate view of these two as they worked through their issues about trust and sex. I just love this world that the ladies called Kit Rocha have created. They’ve done something very interesting with sex here and how its viewed by the O’Kanes. Sector four is everything Eden isn't, and that includes open sexuality. The views on sex in this world are twisted just right for me, making it both subtle and in-your-face interesting. The erotic scenes are fresh, sexy and dirty and have a natural quality to them that this world promotes. It’s really done well, much better than I’m explaining it here, but the world building in this series is just outstanding in my estimation. I always feel get the sense that I’m watching the action in this series from eye level, right down in it, instead of above like a spectator.The complex and interesting characters in this series are fabulous too. The buffet of bad boys as I’ve called them since Beyond Shame didn’t disappoint in this installment. And kudos to Kit Rocha for continuing to include the characters from the previous books as the series continues. We get a great look at Dallas, now he has his queen Lex at his side. Even Lex’s role as Dallas’ queen isn’t your traditional view, with her counseling him in private. No, she’s front and center, running things right along side him. I’m kinda hoping that we get to see what happens when that dynamic gets challenged. There’s plenty of Ace, Cruz and Rachel in Beyond Pain, setting up for the next book in the series. Ace continues to be one of my favorite characters, and we get to see some of his other talents (and Rachel's too) in Beyond Pain. Overall, LOVE this series. One of the best reads for me this year. Big thanks to Donna and Bree from Kit Rocha Kitrocha.com for giving this reader something dark, sexy and full of action, just the way I like it.